How to Control Your Kids Video Game Habits

Parents everywhere have growing concern over the effect prolonged video gaming has on the development of their children. Completely restricting video game access may cause an unhealthy relationship between you and your child. Allowing unlimited access may be just as unhealthy. Our solution is an easy to use app that allows you to control your kids gaming habits.

Limit Launcher gives you the tools to help control your kids video game habits with one click from your iOS or Android device. The app allows you to prevent access to gaming, social media and video streaming services, while educational resources remain uninhibited.

Follow along as we cover the benefits of using our simple app that puts you back in control of your child’s excessive gaming and other forms of entertainment. The best part is your child will still be able to do schoolwork and research while our app keeps distractions at bay.

How Do I Establish Healthy Video Game Habits for My Child?

Limit Launcher not only puts you in control of your child’s video game habits, but it establishes a working relationship between you and your child’s gaming. This is a great opportunity to understand what games they are playing and for how long. With an open line of communication and clear boundaries you and your child can create a healthy gaming routine.

Asking them about their favorite games is a great way to establish a connection outside of gaming. For example:

  • If they enjoy playing creative games like Minecraft, you can encourage them to pursue creative interests outside of gaming like art, music, etc.
  • If they enjoy competitive games or sports games you can explore clubs and sports outside of gaming.

If you are a gamer yourself you can play games with your child and show them that while you enjoy games yourself, there is a time for work and a time for play. If you do not game, you can watch your child play and ask them questions about the game to get yourself more involved and understand what they enjoy so much about them.

Creating a routine is easy with our apps’ one-touch functionality. Once both you and your child get into a flow, healthy habits will become second nature. Limit Launcher eliminates the need to have a constant back and forth about when it’s time for work and play.

What are the Negative Effects of Excessive Gaming?

Children who excessively game can experience problems sleeping, decreased performance in school or extracurriculars, and can negatively impact social skills. Limit Launcher provides the tools necessary to help get your child engaged in other areas of life. Limiting Video Game access will provide an opportunity for you and your child to explore other areas of interest.

Gaming is generally a sedentary experience. Children who don’t get enough exercise are at a higher risk of developing an unhealthy weight and poor sleeping habits. Limit Launcher will help limit excessive gaming to increase opportunities for physical activity. With game time limited, you and your child can explore other ways to engage in the physical world.

Gaming releases large amounts of dopamine and the more they play the more they will require to reach the same level of satisfaction. Limit Launcher provides safe parameters on gaming so your child can continue to enjoy gaming without going overboard.

In addition to causing poor mental health, excessive gaming can make other activities seem uninteresting. Limit Launcher will help create boundaries that promote a healthy balance so your child can explore other areas of interest. With our apps ability to shut down all games with the touch of a button, there will never be any worry about having to take the device itself away.

What are the Positive Effects of Video Games?

Video games can help your child stay connected to friends and it is very common for children to use games as a virtual hangout. Staying connected with friends is more important than ever. Simply taking devices away for a time or eliminating gaming altogether may be counterproductive and detrimental to your child’s social life.

Limit Launcher helps provide balance in a time where screen time takes up a large majority of your child’s day. Whether they are learning remotely or doing schoolwork, Limit Launcher takes the worry out of wondering whether your child is working on schoolwork or gaming.

Video games are just another form of entertainment, and they do have positive effects such as:

  • They help boost cognitive skills, memory, and problem solving skills.
  • Children also experience a boost of creativity when playing video games, this includes shooting games.

Limit Launcher will help make sure that your child can get the benefits of gaming without affecting schoolwork and education. In the end, video games are relaxing and can promote feelings of happiness. Too much gaming however can lead to addiction.

Providing healthy limits is key in helping your child understand the importance of getting work done. Help your child understan Limit Launcher makes this easy by preventing all game access on their computers. Even newly released and newly insalled games are covered by the app.

Why Should I Choose Limit Launcher?

Limit Launcher restricts gaming, social media and video streaming services such as Netflix and YouTube and doesn’t interfere with other school or educational tools. Other apps restrict internet usage entirely which prevents productive research. This takes away the hassle of sorting through various settings and having to worry about blocking access to educational materials.

Limit Launcher does not collect your child’s data and will and can never be sold to a third-party. Other apps can monitor data, search history and GPS location. Limit Launcher was created with privacy in mind and therefore does not require any personal data to work accurately. Because of this we do not collect any of your or your children’s data.

It enables you to control your child’s gaming habits without needing direct access to their device after installing. This way, there is no need for discussion when it comes time to turn off the game. You are in complete control of the time your child spends gaming, even when they have a flexible schedule.

Limit Launcher is a cost effective way to monitor and control your child’s gaming habits. Starting at 4.99/month, it’s cheaper than most video game subscriptions. Limit Launcher provides peace of mind, knowing you and your child have healthy boundaries on their time spent playing video games.

Why choose Limit Launcher to control your child’s video game habits?

  • No need to turn off internet access or block screen time or take away devices
  • Limit Launcher does not collect or sell your child’s data
  • Free trial period that allows you to test the product

How Do I Restrict My Child’s Internet Access?

Limit Launcher currently supports coverage for gaming on computers (Mac, Windows, ChromeBooks), as well as phones and tablets (iPhone, Android). This includes downloaded off-, online games and browser games. Furthermore, you are able to block other distractions such as social media and online streaming platforms, such as Netflix, YouTube and Twitch. Dangerous or undesirable websites containing pornography, drugs, gambling and dating are blocked by default. We believe the distinction between work and play is important and Limit Launcher allows children to access educational material while preventing access to games and other distractions.

While Limit Launcher does not prevent every distraction, it can help your child get into a more productive routine by setting healthy boundaries. When they understand it’s time to get work done and distractions are unavailable, they will be able to develop a healthy relationship with work and leasure time.

Work with your child to set healthy limits on internet usage by leading by example. Displaying proper internet use will help your child to make their own healthy choices when using the internet. You can also encourage them to use educational resources as a productive alternative. Explore their interests with them to discover what they enjoy outside of gaming.

Limit Launcher paves the way for structure when it comes to their video game habits. Once your child gets into a healthy routine it will be easier to help them develop their time management skills in other areas. Putting away devices at specific times, such as dinner time and before bed, will help them make healthy decisions.

How Does Limit Launcher Work?

With our app, you can monitor your child’s video game behavior remotely from your iOS or Android device. You can shut down all video game access on all of your child’s devices with one click and build a healthy schedule. You determine when it’s time for work and when it’s time for play.

Once the app is installed on your child’s device you’ll never have to go back and change any settings. We provide coverage on as many as twenty devices and setting them up takes only a few minutes. By setting various automatic timers, you are able to create a flexible and healthy schedule.

Some apps require you to constantly determine which games/apps or programs to allow, especially when new ones are installed. With Limit Launcher there is no headache involved because we cover new games even if they are installed after Limit Launcher is added to your child’s device. All games are covered and controlled from your iOS or Android device.

Limit Launcher knows the importance of allowing access to educational and research tools. Other apps often block gaming by blocking internet access or screen time. This however also blocks educational and research tools. Limit Launcher doesn’t do that and goes straight to the source and blocks games while leaving your child the ability to navigate educational resources and schoolwork.

Schools are increasingly also using laptops during lessons. While computers are a very helpful educational tool, they can also become a very quick distraction for students in lessons. With Limit Launcher you are able to set a device as a school device. A school device will block distractions without limiting screentime and internet access, which are both needed in school.

Limit Launcher provides:

  • One touch capability through an easy to use app
  • Coverage on up to 20 devices
  • Unrestricted access to educational resources where other apps do not
  • Peace of mind knowing your child isn’t gaming during school hours

How Do I Sign Up for Limit Launcher?

Signing up for Limit Launcher takes less than 30 seconds. You can head to our pricing page to select a plan and create an account. After you sign up you will get an email with instructions on how to set up Limit Launcher on your child’s computer and how to download the control app on your phone.

Once Limit Launcher is installed on your child’s device all you need to do is follow the setup process to get started. If you have multiple devices you can repeat the process and control all computers from your iOS or Android device. Limit Launcher currently offers support on up to twenty devices with the premium version.

We are confident that Limit Launcher will provide the necessary tools to take control of your kid’s video game and online habits, so signing up for Limit Launcher, which includes a free two weeks trial period. With our app, you can try it risk-free and if you don’t like it, you can cancel your subscription without hassle.

  • The basic version allows for control on up to 5 devices and is only $6.99/ month and $5.49 monthly for the yearly subscription a host of other functionality.
  • The premium version gets you everything the basic versions and 4 more extra functions have with coverage on 20 devices for $11.99 monthly subscription or $9.99/ month for the yearly subscription.

What Games are Blocked by Limit Launcher?

Children generally use the same computer for schoolwork and for gaming. Limit Launcher blocks a long list of computer games associated with the most popular launchers and games including, but not limited to:

  • Steam: Assassins Creed, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy, Grand Theft Auto, Halo
  • Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Call of Duty
  • Rockstar: Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne 3
  • Epic Games: Fortnite, Borderlands 3, Metro Exodus, Red Dead Redemption 2, Star Wars
  • Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Toon Blast, The Battle Cats, War and Magic
  • GOG Galaxy 2.0: The Witcher, Cyberpunk 2077, Apex Legends, Minecraft, League of Legends
  • Origin: Battlefield, The Sims, Batman, Burnout, Need for Speed, Mass Effect, FIFA
  • Plarium Play: Shadow Legends, Vikings: War of Clans, Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Soldiers Inc.
  • Uplay: Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

For a more extensive list of games and launchers covered visit our overview here.

What are the Benefits of Using Limit Launcher?

The internet and its many distractions are easily accessible. Limit Launcher puts you back in control allowing you to establish healthy parameters when it comes to gaming and screen use. Excessive gaming is a serious hindrance on productivity, and you and your child can rest easy knowing there are clear boundaries on their gaming and online habits.

Developing a distinct line of communication between you and your child will help them understand the importance of balance when it comes to gaming. You can control the amount of time spent on games and help your child understand a healthy gaming time limit. This will not only get you and your child in a concrete routine; it will ensure you are both on the same page.

Limit Launcher will help your child understand how much time they put into gaming and at what point it becomes unhealthy. This will help them establish a working relationship with the games they play, and they will appreciate the time they are allowed to play. Limit Launcher ensures that educational and research platforms remain available while limiting only video game usage and other disctractions that parents would like to limit.

Limit Launcher offers a free trial period that allows you to experience the benefits of Limit Launcher risk free. If the product is unsatisfactory you can cancel at any time within the first month at no cost to you.

What Do I Need to Use Limit Launcher?

Limit Launcher is available on iOS and Android devices, and setup takes less than five minutes and provides coverage for up to twenty devices.

If you are not tech savvy this is the perfect app for you. You won’t have to mess with any settings on your router or your child’s device beyond installing our easy to use software. We take the hassle out of navigating confusing internet settings by restricting access to a wide range of games and gaming platforms right from our app.

Other apps and methods of restricting game access require constant maintenance and upkeep. We’ve done the work for you by boiling all those confusing elements down to one easy to use interface. You decide when it’s time for the game to shut down and it does so automatically.

Here’s the basic requirements:

  • Windows (10 and 11), Mac, ChromeBooks, Android and iOS devices are covered for children.
  • Parents are able to control all of the children’s devices using our app available for Android and iOS devices.


Limit Launcher provides the tools necessary to facilitate healthy video game and online habits for your child. Limit Launcher provides one click prevention of all games and platforms on multiple devices. Our app is constantly evolving and will be offering coverage for console games in the future. Check out our website for more information and to see how Limit Launcher can help you.

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