Helfried Stoelzel-Elsner
Co-Founder and CEO

Masters of Engineering
App Developer

Nastassja Stoelzel-Elsner
Co-Founder and COO

Bachelors of Science, Former Secondary Teacher
Web Developer, Graphic Designer

Two years ago, Helfried was completing his thesis for his master’s degree. He had some difficulty working from home on his computer because it was simultaneously his work and gaming device. This led him to choosing to play computer games rather than work on his thesis even though he knew better. He would impulsively play video games and before he knew it, he would lose hours playing. He soon came to the realization that he needed to find a solution to help halt his gaming habits so he started looking online. Although there were some programs available, he realized that they didn’t work for him. None of them were easy to set up, flexible or really that effective at preventing his gaming habits.

That’s when he came up with an idea that would turn a USB into the access key to the gaming capabilities on his computer. If the USB was plugged in, he could game and if it wasn’t the games wouldn’t even open. He could give the USB to his partner who would hide it until he had achieved his work goals for the day. His device was now only conducive to his work needs and over time, the impulse to play games slowly disappeared. Helfried started sharing his solution with colleagues at work and fellow classmates and that’s when he realized how widespread of an issue gaming dependency really was and that he was not alone.

Helfried and Nastassja decided to found a company that would help others with managing their gaming habits. They have built a program to provide others with the same tool and developed their idea into an app that can easily enable and disable gaming capabilities from a phone. Helfried still games a couple of hours every week but now has zero dependency to the games. They hope to help many others across the globe that may be struggling with their own, their partners or their child’s dependency on online computer games.