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Join us on our mission to help children strike a balance between education and entertainment on technology.

Company History

Limit Launcher was founded in 2019 by Nastassja and Helfried Stoelzel-Elsner. Helfried, who has a Masters of Science in engineering from Germany, struggled with video gaming addiction during his final year of his studies. Frustrated with the lack of effective solutions online, he came up with his own idea with the help of Nastassja, who has a Bachelors of Science, with teaching experience from the UK. The company was established to provide parents and educators with a tool to manage children’s computer gaming habits, as well as other distracting habits, especially in light of the growing importance of computers in education. Limit Launcher opened its offices in Taiwan in early 2021 and has since been working to help families and educators balance educational needs with the potential distractions of computers.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to provide parents and educators with a tool to manage children’s computer gaming, especially because computers have become such an important tool for education. We have created Limit Launcher so that parents can limit distractions without limiting the productive aspects of a computer required for educational purposes.

Our Culture and Values

Limit Launcher is proud to have a team where everyone brings unique perspectives and experiences. We cultivate an open and curious work environment, promoting balance in both our professional and personal lives. We understand the positive and important role technology plays in education and recreation, and our top priority is to always to approach everything from a perspective where everyone is heard, including the children.  

Our team is dedicated to providing families with the necessary tools and resources to manage their children’s digital lives in a healthy and productive manner. We strive to make a positive impact on the world by promoting a balanced digital life, and we’re constantly working to innovate and improve our services.

Product and Service

Limit Launcher is a tool that helps parents and educators manage their children’s computer use by limiting distractions such as gaming, social media, and video watching during educational times. The product was tested on a group of home-schooling students (because of COVID-19) in the summer of 2021 to ensure that it effectively supported educational needs while blocking distractions. While Limit Launcher has great applications in the educational space, it is also designed to be a hassle-free solution for parents to manage the amount of unproductive time their children spend at the computer, to prevent disorders such as video gaming addiction.

Limit Launcher sets itself apart with a commitment to privacy. We understand the right to privacy is a fundamental aspect of life and consider it even more important for children. Our platform does not collect or share any information about the child, maintaining complete privacy for the child at all times. Parents only have to set their desired restrictions or permissions for their children’s devices, and Limit Launcher takes care of the rest with automatic implementation. Our privacy-focused approach sets us apart and reinforces our commitment to creating a safe and secure digital environment for families.


Our team is led by Nastassja and Helfried Stoelzel-Elsner, the co-founders of Limit Launcher. With Nastassja’s background in education and Helfried’s expertise in engineering and video gaming addiction, they bring a unique perspective and solution to the challenges of managing children’s computer use.


In the end of 2020, Limit Launcher’s founders participated in an international pitching competition in Taiwan and were awarded second place for their prototype.

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